Saturday, June 27, 2009

favourite artist (: ily laa!

Hari nie ak borink sgt meyh. yela, cuti kn. so, i decide to talk about my favourite arist (: damn cool! haha. byk meyh aku suke, rmai smpai xleyh nk ingt da. haha ;) gile!

trust me, they're cool (:

Misha Omar ; love her since i heard her song, bunga bunga cinta.
damn cool. (:
Misha, plz proud to be my special person :D haha.

jaehee ; firstly, his quite hndsome rite? that's the reason i like him include his perfect acting. oh, God! his just so cool (: ly, leemongryong!

JasonMraz ; im yours for sure (: haha. love his songs so much!
just cool n peace.
but, unfortunetly, his gay :( da
mn u man! ;(

Plain White T's ; they're so cool in my eyes. (: love their songs too. hope u'll maintain ur reputation. 1234<3

Akademi Fantasia ; one of my favourite reality program. love all his students, especially hafiz, n bla bla bla. haha! act, nothing to say. sorry. (: haha!

[finish it! act, ade lagi. but mls nk upload pict byk2. wt nyemak je. haha ;)
njoy it! muahx :D


Laila Nadia said...

itu lee mong ryong sy yg punya!

layla said...

ahh, blah kaw! his forever mine, oke?

Laila Nadia said...

forever young! keh3..

Ena said...

asal ayat ko sme je..
damn cool, cool.. haha
bajet pndai je.. haha
neway, disini aku ingin tegaskan bahawa, jae hae@leemongryong itu aku yg punye!!

layla said...

why cool? coz its cool lah. haha!