Sunday, July 19, 2009

OMG? so long not being here.! am i too busy? ;)

Melainkan apa yang tersirat di hati, tiada apa yang bisa mengubah perjalanan hidupku :)

smpena hr krajinan i da timbul, i maw story-moly about my life for whole days this week (:
starting from here ;

  • Ak bersekolah seperti biasa. ckgu matematik kuh masih di skola. kerungsingan melanda lagi.
  • Hari Jumaat tak pegi sekola. Something urgent happen and makes me just wanna stay home. (:
  • Selalu online. Bukan kerana Myspace, tapi kerana drama Korea, World within. Saranghae HyunBin and my lovely sis, SongHyeKyo. Proudly said, i already finish watching this drama. (:
  • Fall in love with, HyunBin already. OMG, biyan Changmin. ;)
  • Miss sekolah. oh Laila, are you sure? haha ;)
  • currently sing Mj n Akim songs. Bengang and You Are Not Alone :)
  • ManchesterUnited teams being in a Malaysia? Yess. :)
  • Friendly match with Malaysia and MU becomes the winner with final score, 2 for malaysia n 3 for MU. Seeing this games at 811 channel, really proud with my heroes, Amri Yahya. :)
  • Goally for Malaysia, Farizal. However it is, im still love ur skill. keep it that bro! and you too Amri Yahya :)
  • Addmath works are waiting, oh God, so lazy to done it! tcher, forgive me yah. :(
  • My sis, Asha, going for a camp for the very first time. She seem so excited. Can this program make her a little bit matured? hope soo :)
  • Today act is my friends Birthday, can i wish him here? haha. Ameerul, Happy Birthday. :)
  • Joining a Program Im a Top Students. haha! done by Mr. Jackson. he's really funny. He's being in this career for a very long time. Thats why his program quite expensive. Sometimes, its can reach about Rm1000 for called him doing this job. what a great man he is huh? haha ;)
  • I also got book writen by Mr.Jackson. I already read it and it's so interesting books. Please, have one. :)
Love this line, Everything is start from nothing. :)

Thats all for today. so sleepy right now. gtg, bye. :)

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